About Echesketch Animation

Emily is the founder of Echesketch Animation, and finds writing in the third person to be very, very strange, but she will do it anyway.


Emily is primarily a 2D freelance animator, though she also work with character design, background illustration, storyboarding, color styling, and graphic design. She is a young artist, having recently graduated with a BFA in Animation from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has worked on a range of commissions from cartoon family portraits to designing yearbook covers, and has been tutoring students in design and animation at the Creative Labs Studio this past year.

Her work in animation earned her a spot on a San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel as a cartoonist, where she talked about her artistic journey thus far, and even got to lead a character drawing workshop following the panel. She hopes to continue doing work like this, and inspiring young creative minds to pursue their dreams as well!

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